13th Mahallat Flore Fair 2015

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Global Registration of Mahallat Flora Fair as the Brand of Mahallat Flower ExhibitionSeyyed Ahmad Sajadi, the governor of Mahallat, said that Mahallat Flora Fair will be globally registered as conference on Mahallat Flora Fair, Sajadi stated that the introduction of Mahallat tourist attractions is among the goals of the fair.

He considered the familiarity of the producers with each other and exchanging experience, the familiarity of people with flowers and the development of the export of flower and plants of Mahallat as other goals of this fair. He stated that the opening ceremony of the fair will be held on September 14th in the research center for flowers and plants and the fair will be open to the visitors from September 15th to September 18th.The closing ceremony will also be held on September 18th in the research center for Flower and Plants.

He added that the main location of the fair is the terminal of flowers and Plants with an area of 5000 M2. The area of the fair has been increased 1000 M2 in comparison with previous years.

The governor of Mahallat mentioned that the fair is open from 10 am to 8 pm.

“Regarding that April and May are the best months for the presentation of flowers and plants, effort is made to hold the fair of the next year in these months”, he added.

Sajadi mentioned five active committees in the fair, i.e., executive, suggestion, accommodation, cultural and educational, and advertising and information committees.

Pointing to other features of this fair, he said that this fair is hold in an area of 5000 M2 in five halls from which for halls have a total number of 97 booths.

“Another 2000 M2 hall is also considered as flower fair, and special booth for sale and booth of industries related to flowers and plants are also held,” added Sajadi. There are 40 booths in this part.

Pointing to extra activities in this fair, the governor of Mahallat said that the registration of the logo and the book of the fair is being pursued at the present time. The trade mark for the fair will be registered under the title of Mahallat Flora Fair. In addition, a competition for selecting the best flower will also be held.

Sajadi also stated that the secretariat of the fair is located in Agriculture jihad Office of Mahallat. With coordination and cooperation with the chamber of Commerce of Isfahan Province, foreign business teams have also been invited to visit the fair in order to develop flower exports.

Pointing to the defined executive structure of the fair. The governor of Mahallat said, “the approach of holding the fair in the current year is focusing on self-management and establishment of executive committees by the youth, the considered credit for advertisement is estimated about 20 million Tomans.”

Sajadi mentioned the lack of integrated monitoring and uniform process for the sale of products in the fair, the lack of expert authorities for maintaining order and discipline in the fair, the lack of expert managers and simultaneous participation of participants in executive committees, the lack of instilling a sense of a fair of flower and plant, the presence of unrelated booths in the fair, lack of informing notices, the interference with night ceremonies as the defects of the flower fair in previous years.

He stated that these defects will not be observed this year and the fair will be limited to flower and plants. Two other news conferences will also be held before the opening of the fair.

Sajadi pointed to two night ceremonies in Sarcheshmeh as extra programs in the fair. Two nights out of the four nights are allocated to these ceremonies and one night is sponsored by the Municipality of the city and the other night is sponsored by cultural Heritage Office.

In another part of his speech, he stated that Mahallat has significant potentials with regard to natural resources such as stone mines. According to the statistics, 3 percent of Travertine Stone of the world is produced in Mahallat.

Sajadi also said that the main axis of development in this city is tourism in addition to stone mines. The tourist attraction sites of Mahallat include Mahallat Warm Water. Khorheh Monuments, Nimvar dam, etc.

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