10 Luxury Hotels in Iran

Iran has a number of hotels classified as ‘luxury’ based on their rates but that doesn’t often translate to luxury services.
In this article we review ten luxury properties based on their rates and quality of services, as well as how good they are in terms of value for money. For every hotel, the rate for a double room during the off-peak travel season without discounts has been cited.
Instead of providing a complete list of five-star hotels, we opted to include properties from across Iran to keep the list brief and diverse.


1. Toranj Marine Hotel, Kish Island

Carrying the title of Iran’s most expensive hotel, Toranj Marine Hotel on Kish Island commands the highest rates mostly due to its location. Located just off the coast in the Persian Gulf, the hotel’s glass floors provide a unique view of the seafloor.

Toranj Marine Hotel in Kish Island

Toranj Marine Hotel

Moreover, the rooms all come with balconies that offer unparalleled views of the sun as it sets on the sea-level horizon.
Double room with sea view: €425/night

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2. Sorinet Maryam Hotel, Kish Island

Sorinet Maryam Hotel, owned by the Sorinet Hotels Group, is located in one of the best areas of Kish Island.

Sorinet Maryam Hotel in Kish Island

Sorinet Maryam Hotel

The hotel has a reputation for providing quality services and online reviews by guests suggest that its breakfast buffet is among the best in Iran.

Double room: €222/night

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3. Taj Mahal Hotel, Tehran

The only hotel apartment on this list, Taj Mahal is located in a posh neighborhood in Tehran. Iranian and Indian influences can be seen in the hotel’s design and architecture, giving it a unique look.

Taj Mahal Hotel in Tehran

Taj Mahal Hotel

Taj Mahal Hotel has two restaurants; one called Mahi Mahi, which serves mostly fish-based dishes from northern Iran; and the other simply called the Indian Restaurant, which is arguably the most famous Indian food venue in the country.

Two-bedroom apartment: €220/night

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4. Parsian Azadi Hotel, Tehran

One of the oldest luxury hotels in Iran, Parsian Azadi is the former Hyatt in uptown Tehran. A three-year renovation project has seen the hotel upgrade its facilities to match its high-quality service.

Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran

Parsian Azadi Hotel

The hotel is also home to Bice Italian restaurant, a branch of the famous restaurant group, which is said to be the best of its kind in Iran.

Double room: €212/night

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5. Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran

The latest addition to the Espinas chain and Tehran’s newest five-star hotel, Espinas Palace is located in the affluent Sa’adatabad neighborhood in northwestern Tehran.

Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran

Espinas Palace Hotel

A modern establishment, the hotel is close to the Alborz mountains but its location means it’s quite far from downtown Tehran.

A double room: €205/night

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6. Espinas Hotel, Tehran
Espinas Hotel in Tehran

Espinas Hotel

Established in 2010, Espinas Hotel in Tehran is centrally located, close to the city’s historical texture. Owned by Espinas Hotel Group, the establishment is widely regarded as one of the best and most luxurious hotels in the country, with a traditional restaurant that’s among the best in the city.
Double room: €200/night

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7. Kaya Laleh Park Hotel, Tabriz

Tabriz’s newly-established Kaya Laleh Park Hotel, operated by the Turkey-based Kaya Hotels and Resorts, is located in one of the city’s upscale neighborhoods.

Kaya Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz

Kaya Laleh Park Hotel

With Laleh Park Shopping Center right next door, the hotel is an ideal place to stay at in the northwestern city.
Double room: €154/night

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8. Abbasi Hotel, Isfahan

Named the Middle East’s most beautiful hotel, Abbasi Hotel’s international reputation has made it a popular choice for tourists visiting Isfahan.

Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

Abbasi Hotel

Located in the city’s historical fabric, the property itself has become an attraction thanks to its 300-year history, although it has served as a hotel for only 60 years.
A double room: €125/night

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9. Darvishi Royal Hotel, Mashhad

Launched in 2011, Mashhad’s 20-floor Darvishi Royal Hotel is a standout structure in the northeastern city thanks to its all-glass exterior.

Darvishi Royal Hotel in Mashhad

Darvishi Royal Hotel

Each one of the hotel’s Melal Royal rooms boasts a different design influenced by Egyptian, India, Roman, Chinese and Arabic as well as pre- and post-Islamic Iranian architecture.
Double room: €122/night

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10. Zandiyeh Hotel, Shiraz

The final entry on our list is Zandiyeh Hotel in Shiraz, which opened in 2015. The five-star establishment boasts a combination of traditional Iranian and modern architecture, which helps give the hotel a unique look.

Zandiyeh Hotel in Shiraz

Zandiyeh Hotel

The hotel is located in a historical part of the city, in the vicinity of Arg-e Karimkhani (Karim Khan Citadel), an 18th-century structure that is a popular attraction.
The hotel’s main restaurant is Negarestan, a beautifully-designed restaurant that serves traditional local dishes.
Double room: €117/night

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