A Simple Guide to Tourist Visa Extension in Iran!

 Iran Visa Extension

Now that you are reading this article you are probably in Iran and you know about the paper work and other stuff to get the tourist visa in the first place. If not, check out our visa information page to learn about your visa status and how to apply for Iranian visa.

Normally, extending your visa while you are in Iran is not laborious! You can extend your visa almost in all major cities. The process is not complicated and you don’t get bombarded with loads of paperwork. Besides, there is very little chance you wouldn’t get the extension. However, if you happen not to be on your lucky day, you might run into a moody officer or get stuck in a long line or just don’t get the full extension you expected! But, don’t panic. Based on travelers’ stories, these are not frequent incidents! Now, let’s go with simple QAs!

  • Can I Extend My Iranian Visa?

Yes! You can. Everyone can extend their visa no matter what their nationality is or how they applied or where they have collected their visa.

  • Where Can I Extend My Visa in Iran?

You can extend your visa at the different police offices for immigrants and aliens  in major cities of the country such as Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Yazd, Shiraz, Rasht, Bandar Abbas and etc.

Here are address and contact number for some offices:


Address: Abuzar Sq.,        Tel: +98 35 2183855


Address: Rudaki St.,          Tel: +98 31 2184545


Address: El Goli (Across from Metro Station),        Tel: +98 41 33804630


Address: Sahrdari Sq.,                    Tel: +98 13 2183450


  • Is There a Preferred City to Choose?

Depending on the city you choose the result may vary! An office may only issue partial extension. Some of them may be too crowded and some may professionally misconduct!

So, I cannot say definitely which office is the best option to choose! There is no clear trend and there are different accounts from travelers about each office. For example,

“Isfahan bureau is often crowded and the chance to get full extension is slim.”

“In Isfahan it is usually easy and quick and in most cases full extension is granted.”

Almost Paradoxical! Ultimately, it depends on your luck, the officer who would handle your request and how you would approach. If have already picked up a bit Iranian way don’t be shy to use it. It can become your secret weapon to get the extension easier and quicker.


Iran Visa Extension


  • For How Long My Visa Can Be Extended?

If you have applied for your visa in advance, you can extend your visa twice, each time at most for 30 more days. Together, you are allowed to stay in Iran for 90 days, maximum! However, if your visa was on arrival (applied for at the airport) it can only be extended once and for maximum of 30 more days. So, in total, you can stay in Iran for at most 60 days.

Note: When you apply to extend your visa for the second time, you will be interviewed by an officer that is not something serious. The first time, no interview!

  • How Long Does It Take to Extend My Visa?

Again, it depends on where you choose to extend your visa. In some cases it may take only a few hours (or just minutes) and sometime a couple of days. To lower the risk of obtaining the extension at the right time (before your original visa expires), apply 2 or 3 days before your visa expiry date. Keep in mind, if you apply too many days before the expiry date, you will be asked to return later.

  • What Documents Should I have with me?

You need to have your passport, a copy of your passport information page and a copy of your original Iranian visa stamp, two passport photos (if you are female cover your head), a folder, filled-out visa extension application form, and the receipt of money transfer.

  •  How Much Does It Cost?

To extend your visa you should pay 350000 Rials or so (almost €9) at the Bank Meli. You also need to pay a small amount for the application form, folder and copies (you can find copy shops almost everywhere and the cost is insignificant).

  • What about the Process?

Go to the office early in the morning (say 8:30 a.m.) to avert the potential crowed, find the place (maybe desk) where you can get the application form. You need to fill out the form with your personal details, the extension duration and your reason for staying more days. Then, pay the extension fee at the Meli Bank. Ask the people or the agents/officers where to find Meli Bank. Remember to get the account number and account name from the office. Pay the fee, return to the office with all documents and pray to get extension as quickly as you wish for!

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