Hafez Day

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Hafez Day is celebrated on October 12 annully among Iranians, Farsi speakers and Hafez lovers all over the world. This day is marked in the Iranian National Calendar. Khwaja Shams-ud-Dīn Muhammad Hafez-e Shirazi (Hafez or Hafiz) Iran’s internationally renowned poet was a Persian mystic and poet. His collected poems (known as ghazals) are regarded as a pinnacle of Persian literature and found in the homes of most people in Iran and Farsi speaking countries. His tomb is located in Shiraz.

The following is a poem from Hafez translated by Gertrude Bell an English writer:

Arise, oh Cup-bearer, rise! and bring
To lips that are thirsting the bowl they praise,
For it seemed that love was an easy thing,
But my feet have fallen on difficult ways.
I have prayed the wind o’er my heart to fling
The fragrance of musk in her hair that sleeps
In the night of her hair-yet no fragrance stays
The tears of my heart’s blood my sad heart weeps.

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