Industries & Trade Ministry establishes foreign investment office

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Tehran, 10/11/2015, IRNA – The minister of industries, mines and trade issued a directive on Sunday on establishment of foreign investments office in that ministry and appointed Afruz Bahrami in charge of that office.
‘Creation of a new atmosphere on international scene thanks to prudence and perseverance of high ranking officials of our country and proactive diplomacy of our diplomats is on verge of bearing fruit,’ said Minister Mohammad-Reza Neamatzadeh in his directive.
He added that with the establishment of international interactions and possibility of making investments by influential interested countries it is necessary to establish a foreign investments office in the Ministry of industries, Mines and Trade.
The industries, mines and trade minister has meanwhile asked the official he has appointed in charge of the newly established foreign investments office to use his personal initiatives, his colleagues’ capabilities and that of his consultants and mighty economists to attract foreign investments, and provide required monetary assets for industrial, mining and trade projects.
Afruz Bahrami’s former position was the managing director of Alborz Province Healthcare Office. His university degree is in industrial management field.


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