Iran National Flower Day Celebrated on 15th June!

Upon the appeal of flower industry stakeholders, 15th June was registered as a national day in 2005 and since then it has become an opportunity for flower industry professionals and enthusiasts to gather and celebrate the National Flower Day.

flower exhibition in tehran Iran
Though Iran is a country with many flower and plant species, people use them just in special occasions. Therefore, distributing flowers among people, holding festivals and conferences and flower exhibitions were among the activities in the years after naming this day a national day to encourage people to use flowers more in their everyday use.
In 2006, a flower basket with 125,000 flowers, with 35 meters height and 10 meters width was displayed in Tehran to celebrate the day. Most of the flowers used in this basket were grown in Mahalat, Iran’s city of flowers.

flower exhibition in tehran Iran
Well-known for flower breeding and gardens, Mahalat is named as the Persian Netherlands. More than 22 million flowers sold in Iran each year come from Mahalat. There are more than 120 kinds of flowers in Mahalat. Located in Markazi Province, in an area with fine climate, there is also a flower festival in late August in Mahalat. This festival is not the only flower-related event in Iran.
Each year many flower exhibitions around Iran are held in different cities like Tehran Flower Exhibition in May and Karaj’s Flower Exhibition in August. Kashan’s Golabgiri and Dodangeh’s Rose and Herbal Flowers Festival (in Mazandaran Province) are other flower events in Iran which are just a small opportunity to know and enjoy different kinds of flowers in Iran.

Iran ranks 17th in cultivation of flowers; rose, tulip and lotus are its national flowers. Fritillaria, poppy, pittosporum, gerberas, alsteromeria, iris, chrysanthemum and orchids, besides rose and tulip, are popular flowers among Iranians. There are rare kinds of flowers in Iran too, like inverted tulip, a national natural monument, which grow in Kohrang in Charmahal Bakhtiyari in May.

Zohre Golzadeh
Zohre Golzadeh is an English teacher and tourism academic.
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