Lorraine Pobel presented her book titled ‌”Une voyageuse en Iran” to PersiaPort

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The book which is called “Une voyageuse en Iran” meaning “A female traveler in Iran” was written as a diary, tells the story of her journey.

As far as our knowledge, The last book about Iran by a French traveler in this form, was written more than 110 year ago by Pierre Loti (“Vers Ispahan” meaning “Towards Isfehan” in English) written in 1904 .Pier Loti’s book has been published in Farsi by Eqbal publication in 1993.
Her journey starts in summer 2005, She has traveled 3500 km in her third visit to Iran. She has visited several cities including Toos, Yazd, Meybod, Isfahan. In her book which is published in 2015, she has tried to discover Iran’s architecture, culture, customs and traditions, art and daily life of people.

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Lorraine Pobel has traveled several countries like Syria, Uzbekistan, Colombia, etc.
She is also a poet and in her book , you could follow her journey chronically and her day to day experiences. In her book, you can find many Persian words she has heard or leaned during her visit.
Recently she has presented her book to PersiaPort.
Reading the book is recommended to those who are interested in Rediscovering Iran through a curious french traveler’s point of view!

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