What is a 360 video?

 360 videos are the new generation of videos that let you look in any direction—not just where the camera is pointing. A 360 video is created with series of cameras that simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a scene. 

Viewers can rotate a 360 video’s perspective to watch it from different angles. Using 360 videos available on PersiaPort, Viewers can also zoom the video too. 
One of the features of a 360 videos on PersiaPort is the ability to zoom (Zoom-In, Zoom-Out) into a 360 video.
Using 360 video, zooming option and other cool features provided by PersiaPort, Viewers would enjoy fascinating virtual tour experience about Iran’s tourist attractions like never before.
360 videos on computer
When watching a 360 video on a computer, the viewing angle is changed by clicking the video then dragging with the mouse or moving smart phone in different directions.
Viewers can zoom (Zoom-In, Zoom-Out) the video using the mouse as well.  360 videos on PersiaPort are viewable on latest version of html5 supported browsers.
Make sure you’re using the latest version of your web browser (for example Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Please note that 360 videos are larger than normal video files and may take longer to load.
360 videos on smart phone or tablet 
On iOS and Android mobile devices, the viewing angle of a 360 video is changed by dragging a finger across the screen or by navigating (moving) with the device (gyroscope needs to be activated). Viewers can zoom (Zoom-In, Zoom-Out) the video using 2 fingers.
Move your thumb and pointer finger away from each other to zoom in, and “pinch” them together to zoom out. 
Visit 360 videos about Iran’s tourist attractions to start your adventure!
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