Ganjnameh tourism recreation and sports complex registered on UNWTO

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Creational of wide variety of sports and recreational facilities and leisure, including establishment of fine restaurants, cultural cuisine, and entertainments.

Attraction of international tourism with objectives of offering leisure with enhancement of cultural interactions and exchange of much needed cross cultural views. Creation of facilities to enhance national tourism. Also creation of sports and leisure facilities with objectives of environmental enhancement.

– Tourism, Recreation and Sports
– Features and recreational facilities Fishing pond, cable car, observatory, fun fair.
– Features and accommodation facilities Gazebo, VIP suites.
– Features, sports facilities and games

Special attention to sports tourism, cable car (with a length of 1680 meters), paintball, Tyrol, aerial balance (only aerial balance site of Iran with a height of 14 meters), suspension bridge (first and longest suspension bridge of Iran with a length of 120 meters), ski slope, Tyrol (three Tyrol lanes with a length of 200 meters), rock climbing, Bungee jumping (second Bungee jumping of Iran with a length of 120 meters), skateboarding site, archery, climbing, luge, coaster Wiegand (Iran’s longest and fastest coaster Wiegand with a length of 1200 meters).

Features and facilities: 3,000 square meters of roofed area for cultural activities like festivals Amphitheater, artificial cave, aquarium-museum, mineral stone museum, 10 exhibition stands of handicrafts along with production workshop, cultural stand, woodcarving stand, visual arts stand, painting stand, photography stand, crystal carving, local, pageant and music festivals as well as winter festivals and concerts, conference hall with proscenium, museum of Hamadan’s historical photos and those of famous people.

Features and facilities: 7,000 square meters of roofed area for services and recreation Outdoor and roofed parking, fast food brand, traditional restaurants, traditional restaurant featuring live music, summer restaurant on roof, coffee shop at the destination station, 3 more coffee shops, local souvenir shop, café net, game net, traditional drink and herbal tea shop, furnace potato shop, sheep liver shop, honey shop, icepack shop, Swarovski, fish-therapy, 4D cinema, outdoor funfair, shop selling famous brands of clothing, home appliances, etc., bookstore, Refreshment and aesthetic facilities Special space of the complex like waterfall, Ganjnameh valley, Ganjnameh inscriptions, Takhte Nader Plain, Dark Valley, Alvand Peak, Castle of Monster, Meidan Mishan (facilities: artificial lake, restaurant, teahouse, herbal tea shop, coffee shop, fishing pond).

Exhibition facilities
Foodstuff fair, confectionary fair, gift fair, toy fair, flowers and plant fair, local souvenir fair, handicraft fair, shop selling single-price products, cosmetics fair, clothing fair, sports fair, reptiles fair, circus fair

Separate services for welfare of tourists
Bank, insurance, police, emergency unit, mountain rescue unit, air travel agency, tourism office, office of related sports, taxi, deposit room, smoking room, multi-story parking.


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