German scientists to resume archeology studies in Iran Chehrabad

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Zanjan, 9/22/2015, IRNA – German scientists will resume archeology studies in Chehrabad salt mine in Zanjan, director general of provincial Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization said on Tuesday.
Yahya Rahmati said that the six-people team comprising scientists from the German University of Bochum led by Iranian archeologist, Abulfazl Aali, will proceed with archeology studies in the salt mine.
Two years ago, a German team started exploratory research on the mine. Six saltmen have so far been unearthed from Chehrabad Salt Mine. The first saltman is currently kept at Iran National Museum and three others are kept in Zanjan Zolfaqari House.

Two other saltmen were demolished due to numerous fractures they sustained during excavations. Researches showed that one the saltmen dates back to 2,300 years ago.

Rahmati noted that the incoming team will focus on Acheamenid fabrics and leathers and fur cloak unearthed from Chehrabad salt mine. Chehrabad salt mine located 70 kilometers west of Zanjan was inhabited by different tribes in various eras. Chehrabad is currently famed for a salt dome known as ‘Duzlaq’, considered the most ancient salt mine ever discovered in Iran.


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