Iran: a New Land of Business Opportunity?

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Iran is a country that in spite of crippling sanctions boasts an established banking sector, infrastructural foundations in the transport, aviation and energy industries and a sophisticated consumer market.  A large, well-educated workforce, an abundance of natural resources, as well as more than 20 free trade and special economic zones further add to its appeal for multinational companies.
We are perhaps only days away from a deal that could open up a country that has been shunned for nearly four decades. This is Iran and, if an agreement is reached on 7 July, its potential emergence from isolation could be the most significant opening of an economy since the fall of the Soviet Union and the US’ rapprochement with China.

There is a whole host of promising opportunities available for businesses willing to take a leap into this new market.
The energy sector offers the most obvious opportunity for potential investors. With the fourth and second largest proven oil and gas reserves in the world.
With a sophisticated consumer market, Iran is an exciting proposition for retail and FMCG businesses in particular.
The aviation sector is also ripe for regeneration – offering opportunities both at home and away. Iran already has more than 15 commercial and cargo airlines, and over 300 domestic and international airports. The Iranian government recognises the importance of its aviation sector and announced last year that if sanctions were lifted it would purchase 400 new planes.
Assuming an agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme can be reached, the future for Iran and potential investors looks bright.


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