Iran National Museum takes delivery of Penelope, 3 other sculptures

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Tehran, 9/20/2015, IRNA – Iran National Museum took delivery of Penelope, the Sculpture of Peace and Faith reminiscent of Persepolis in addition to two sculptures from Vatican and a sculpture from Capitoline Hill, Rome, as the guests to be displayed at Tehran Museum.
Chairman of Iran’s National Museum Jebrael Nokandeh said that the Iranian marble statue of Penelope along with its Roman counterparts were delivered to the Museum.
‘We made consultations and coordination about the exhibition of Penelope statue, and decided to use the Iran Bastan Museum as a venue to display them,’ said Jebrael Nokandeh.
‘The display of Iranian sculpture of Penelope and its Roman counterparts is a special event,’ he said.
‘As it is the first time historical works of art are owed to Iran to be displayed in Iran’s National Museum.’

Iranian Penelope statue, excavated in Persepolis in 1945, is one of the historical masterpiece held in the Iran Bastan Museum. It was lent to a museum in Italy six months ago to be exhibited in the European country.
Now after repatriation of Penelope along with her three sisters it will be on display most probably late September.
Penelope is a character of Homer’s ‘Odyssey’, one of the two great epic poems of ancient Greek literature. Penelope is the wife of the main character, the king of Ithaca, Odysseus (also known as Ulysses), and the daughter of Icarius and his wife Eurynome.


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