Iran’s Ritual and Traditional Plays festival underway

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Tehran, 8/29/2015, IRNA – Iran’s 17th Festival of Ritual and Traditional Plays is being held in Tehran for ten days.
hosting troupes from across the country.The opening ceremony of the event was held at Mahak Hospital and Rehabilitation Complex on August 26.

The complex is dedicated to helping Iranian children suffering from cancer, Press TV reported.

“We are very happy to launch the 17th Festival of Ritual and Traditional Plays at Mahak hospital,” said the festival’s secretary Davoud Fahali-Beigi on Wednesday.

“We pray to God for the well-being of all children who are under treatment. We are their messengers of happiness.”

During the event, participating artists and performers visited various sections of the hospital and performed theatrical pieces for the children.

This year’s festival hosts stage and street theater troupes from cities across Iran. Theater lovers will also get the chance to attend the Fifth International Seminar on Ritual and Traditional Plays on the sidelines of the annual event.

Lecturers and researchers from Iran, Afghanistan, Belgium, India, Indonesia, Poland, Finland and Austria will attend the seminar.

They will discuss traditional and ritual theater in their countries and hold workshops during the three-day seminar.


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