President Fischer: Tehran-Vienna good political ties facilitate trade cooperation

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Tehran, 9/8/2015, IRNA – Good political ties between Tehran and Vienna will facilitate economic cooperation, and that will in turn create dynamism in both sides for better political comprehension, said the visiting Austrian President Heinz Fischer here on Tuesday.
‘The two countries emphasize that the existing problems are being resolved peacefully and that good political and cultural ties pave the way for broader bilateral cooperation,’ said President Fischer Tuesday evening in a meeting with Iranian and Austrian merchants at Tehran’s Summit Conference Hall.
The Austrian president said that in recent months and after the successful Iran-G5+1 nuclear agreement , the two countries’ relations have been improving satisfactorily.
Recalling his meeting with President Hassan Rouhani in UN New York Headquarters, President Fischer said that Mr. Rouhani had in that meeting which was simultaneous with the beginning of the new round of the nuclear talks, pointed out that the way to be paved would be tough, but the problem would be resolved at its end in a win-win deal.
Fischer said that he is leading a 250-member delegation in this visit of Iran, adding that they include representatives from a broad spectrum of sectors.
‘I would like to announce the Austrian coalition government’s enthusiasm for broadening fruitful cooperation with Iran,’ said the president.
He reiterated that the coalition government of his country has reached consensus on the need to reestablish broad economic cooperation with Iran and both parties in the government fully support the idea.
‘Next year both countries will be witnesses to development of bilateral cooperation and Austria, as an independent country, playing a significant role in international economy, will prove to be a good partner for Iran in this cooperation,’ he added.
Sponsored by the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, the Tuesday evening meeting was held in the presence of managing directors and representatives of over 200 Austrian major companies and their Iranian counterparts from state and private sectors.


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