Two museums open in Tehran

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TEHRAN, 8/29/2015 (MNA) – Iranian VP Es’hagh Jahangiri attended the ceremony to open two new museums in Tehran.Iran’s First Vice President Es’hagh Jahangiri participated in the opening ceremony of ‘Islamic Era,’ and ‘Pre-historic Age’ museums in the complex of the National Museum of Iran on Saturday in Tehran.

The Museum of the Islamic Era was built in an area of 4,000 square meters in three floors but it was closed 9 years ago to be refurbished and redecorated and today it was reopened after years of repair and reconstructions.

The Museum of Ancient Iran was designed by French architect Andre Godard in the early 20th century. It has an area of approximately 11,000 square meters. Building began in 1935 and was completed within two years by Abbas Ali Memar and Morad Tabrizi. The museum was officially inaugurated in 1937.


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