Become a PersiaPort Guest Blogger!

If you have exceptional writing skills and would like to share your travel experience and expertise with large audience of international travelers and even travel marketers in and outside Iran, get on board and start contributing to our blog.

Who Can Write for Us?

Anyone (Iranian and non-Iranian) with great writing skills and an interest in travel; for example,

  • Tourist guides with deep knowledge of their local destinations
  • Travel bloggers
  • Tourism and hospitality professionals
  • Tourism and hospitality academics

What to Write About?

We welcome comprehensive, exact and interesting posts that teach our readers something new about Iran and traveling to Iran. We’re interested in publishing any topics about Iran and traveling to Iran that international audience care about, which includes travel tips, travel stories, unbeaten tracks, rare experiences, exciting activities, tourism attractions, travel insights among other things.

What Do We Look for in Posts We Publish?

  • Original concepts and themes
  • Compelling arguments and solid research
  • High-quality writing reflecting a travel blog tone and style
  • Intimate and causal language

What do we not publish?

  • Anything that has been published elsewhere
  • Topics that have already been exhausted
  • Topics that are too general
  • Articles containing defamatory content
  • Data and facts without clear reference

Why Should You Write for Us?

  • You will be part of a community that helps others to know more about traveling to Iran across the web and the world
  • You will get the opportunity to publish your travel stories on an advanced online platform
  • You will make many friends sharing your interests and concerns
  • You may make a name and pave your way up as a professional travel blogger

How Does It Work?

Get your article ready and fill out the “write for us” form on the following page:

We review your article and if it is approved it will be published. In some case, the article may need some editing and/or proofreading. In such cases, we email you back the article for editing and/or proofreading. If the article is edited in a perfect manner, it will finally be published.

*Please, fill out the form as complete as possible and provide strong short and long bios (biography). A personal photo is also necessary. Why do we need your bio and photo? Because the article (s) will be published under your own name and we dedicate a particular profile page to each guest blogger containing their bio, photo, posts and comments.

* Your personal photo doesn’t need to be official, but a professional smile is absolutely required! Higher quality close-up photos are more welcome.

* You can also upload photos and/or videos related to your article.

Important Notes:

  • PersiaPort reserves the right to edit, accept or reject any and all articles
  • It is PersiaPort that decides when and where to publish the article on its own online platforms and offline media or third party platforms
  • The guest blogger has no right to republish the article in any other formats and on any other online platform or offline media
  • The guest blogger is responsible for what he/she has included in the article and PersiaPort holds no responsibility whatsoever for the article content and the harm it may cause

In case you have any inquiries, please contact us by email at